Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)
Panty Design Party (Zoom!)

Panty Design Party (Zoom!)

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Birthday parties, girl's night or any celebration!

We bring the ‘Panty Party’ to you on Zoom!

🎊The Event: 

Zoom into Lolli Land... because we are dedicated to keeping you safe at home (in your undies, of course)! We’ll transport you to our underwear design studio where the customization begins. We walk you through our simple design process to make some “Plain Jane” panties into your own unique designs! You’ll choose from colors & strap styles, then pick bows, patches & from a playful palate of charms. We hold up embellishments so it’ll be easy for you to see what they’ll look like. Trust us, we’ve got this routine on lock. The session can be as quick as 5 minutes or up to an hour since sometimes we’re just having too much fun to stop! Roll solo or bring some friends. We’ll send them an exclusive Zoom invite to join the party. You’ve got great taste & we can’t wait to see the one-of-a-kind designs you come up with!

Give the gift of design? Gift Certificates available here! 

Customization options include:
- Colors
- Silky or lace fabric
- Side strap styles
- Embellishments like bows, charms & patches

      *This price includes the designer fee & does not include the panties. Panties are invoiced after your design is complete.

      Option 1: Buy now, book later! We are here to schedule your session when you're ready or with the recipient if it's a gift.
      Option 2: Confirm date before purchase.
      Contact Us or email:

          Receiving your panties:
          Underwear will be assembled in our local LA studio & delivered within 3 days 💌

          Note from the founders:

          "Our favorite part of Lolli Popitt is to experience your creativity! It’s an honor to meet you & hopefully add a little more fun into your day. That is the driving force behind our brand. We are filled with gratitude for the response we’ve gotten thus far so our schedule does fill up. You are our priority so hurry!... Contact us with your preferred date to lock in your session! We'll always try to accommodate you.💗”

          Other Events:
          👯‍♀️ *COVID friendly* Zoom Panty Parties for the whole group! 🎉

          💍Bridal Panty Party Package!🎉

          🎂In-person Panty Party Package!🎉


          This is a non-refundable booking fee for A Panty Party and never expires. 


          • Detach removable embellishments & ribbon before wash
          • Hand wash
          • Lay flat to dry

          All of our lingerie is customized especially for you! This means they need special care. Some of our pieces need special care since we use some of  the finest fabrics, lace, ribbon, bows, charms & other embellishments. 


          Remove all removable embellishments before wash. This includes charms on clasps, pins, feathers, removable patches or bows (on pins) and more. 

          To preserve the life of your lingerie, we recommend you hand wash with cold  water. You may use mild soap like lingerie silk or swimwear detergent. We recommend this brand:  This is especially recommended for underwear with sewn on bows or charms. 

          Do Not Use Woolite. 

          Lay flat to dry. 

          Lingerie without bows, sewn charm, rhinestone or other 3D embellishments may be dry-cleaned. 

          Without these embellishments, underwear may also be machine washed but  washing in a lingerie bag is suggested. We like this one: 



          All designs may vary slightly. This is because garments are assembled after purchase by hand. They are often also customized after they’re designed by you!  Any variations in placement of our embellishments or fabric adding should in no way be considered defective or take away from its quality or beauty. 



          Adjust garments on the body by pulling the fabric and not the embellishments. Take extra care not to provide tension where embellishments have been sewn. Washing by hand will preserve the life the garments. Remove charms to prolong  the life of the metal. 

          Do not use oil on areas near metal hardware, which can tarnish the finish. 



          Some Lolli Popitt lingerie is water friendly although it is not made to wear in water  for long periods of time and is not recomended. In addition, one should not leave salt water or chlorine on garments after use & should wash immediately. Doing so will dull the embellishments. 


          *If you have any questions before you order, just ask us! We are happy to help.

          Why us?

          Only at Lolli Popitt can you add your personal touch to underwear. We provide a playful palette of designs for you to customize. Our sassy, but empowering, female voice is inclusive & encourages girls & women to dress as they wish. Our mission is simple: to add a little more fun into life. We are dedicated to enhancing your underwear buying experience & to keeping you home in your undies! Our startup is female owned & minority run; assembled by hand in Los Angeles... with love.