Where Build-A-Bear meets Victoria’s Secret

Custom Designed Lingerie

Lolli Popitt is an underwear and accessories brand located in Los Angeles, California. We’re also the founders of the Original B.Y.O.P. (Build Your Own Panty) Party. Only at Lolli Popitt can you add your personal touch to underwear. We are known for “panty bling,” like removable jewelry charms. 

Our thong panty is our signature style, made with some of the finest fabrics and developed with a universally flattering fit. 

Alongside our own collection, we specialize in giving our customers the panty design experience both on Zoom & in person. We spent years developing a method to manufacture the only trend that never goes out of style: customization. After all, everyone is beautifully different & when you customize something, that makes it uniquely you. 

Our exclusive assembly method makes it possible to personalize a panty & receive it quickly. No waiting around for weeks like other custom brands! 

Our partially manufactured garments replace that sometimes handmade feeling of uncertainty with the confidence of reliable products with outstanding quality that lasts. It also allows us to employ local creatives at our studio & keep products at lower price points than other handmade garments.

All our designs are made to order. Assembling every individual garment by-hand pours a little more love into each piece in those decorative details you love. 


Booking a custom design session is easy! Contact us now to get started. 


Amanda Ackerman

A New York native, Lolli Popitt is a direct result of Amanda’s sartorial adventures where she & friends would reinvent old & boring clothes into one-of-a-kind, extravagant designs to wear to events around NYC. The daring & colorful outfits quickly gained traction from others who wanted their own custom clothing too. This began her foray into the world of fashion. 

Amanda embarked on new ventures producing fashion shows for N.Y., L.A. & Miami Fashion Weeks. She founded & designed accessories lines picked up by stores like Anthropologie & boutiques across the U.S. She spent time styling for high-profile clients, music videos and award shows in Los Angeles. 

Her favorite part of fashion was always watching others be creative through self-expression by designing their own clothes. After figuring out a way to make customization sustainable and attainable; starting with the most freeing clothes of all, lingerie, the Lolli Popitt design experience was born.

Lolli Popitt is reflective of Amanda’s forward-thinking lifestyle, signature carefree & playful aesthetic that is cheeky, imaginative & bold.