Where Build-A-Bear meets Victoria’s Secret

Lolli Popitt is an underwear and accessories brand located in Los Angeles, California. As the proud founders of the Original B.Y.O.P. (Build Your Own Panty) Party, we specialize in adding your personal touch to custom designed underwear. Our removable jewelry charms, or “panty bling,” make our items truly unique, personal, and fun! Our signature products are made with some of the finest fabrics, and developed to provide a universally flattering fit.

Alongside our panty and charm collections, we specialize in cultivating a truly personal panty design experience: either digitally, or in person. At Lolli Popitt, when you customize something, that makes it uniquely you. 

We pride ourselves in providing a  handmade product with true confidence; with outstanding quality that lasts. We assemble every garment by hand combining your creative tastes with our high quality, comfortable materials, resulting in a glamorous final piece for you to proudly wear!

Don’t want to wait to schedule a design session?

We know it can be frustrating to wait for us to book your design session. Lucky for you, our panty design mobile app  is in the works! There,  you’ll be able to customize Lolli Popitt designs at home in your panties!